Try Our NEW Silky Butter Blossom Creme

Floating on a soft cloud of cotton with subtle notes of sandalwood and patchouli. The aroma is intoxicating, fresh and pairs well with your favorite perfume or cologne.

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Dark Spot Eliminator Try Our New Turmeric Swirls Bars

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HoneyBunn Co. handmade soap bars made with a creamy shea butter, palm oil and castor oil based add a luxurious healthier skin glow.

Make this summer super sweet with the fresh scent of Watermelon with a splash of lemonade. Creamy and enriched with moisturizing Shea & Mango butters to deeply penetrate scaly skin conditions.

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Best Selling Dark Spot Fader

Our Turmeric & Honey Sugar Scrub gradually lightens dark spot, back/butt acne and targets stubborn ingrown hairs. Specially formulated with unfiltered Raw Honey to sooth irritated skin and Fresh Ground Turmeric for a youthful GLOW.

ZERO Fragrance for sensitive skin and enriched with a premium old blend to soften dry cracked skin.

EAT Cake Body Oil -Slowly infused with our HoneyBunn Co. Herbal blend and adds a light shimmer for a soft skin glow.

Skin calming Body Oil with a light glowing shine. Slice into a fresh warm vanilla birthday cake and make a wish!

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