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Coffee & Turmeric Tightening Scrub

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Enjoy the best of both worlds with the NEW COFFEE & Turmeric Sugar Scrub. Lift dead and dull skin and attract moisture and hydration to make for a more vibrant health glow. Imagine a skin brightening sugar to fade dark spots and even out hyperpigmentation enriched with a juicy coffee scrub that makes your skin feel alive.



Fresh Ground Turmeric, Coffee Grounds, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Caffeine Extract, Essential Oil, Avocado Oil, Sun Flower Oil, Emulsified Wax, Steric Acid, Ceytl Alcohol, Morena Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Optiphen Preservatives
Get the best of both worlds with our Coffee & Turmeric Tightening Scrub. This powerful sugar scrub lifts dead skin while attracting moisture for a vibrant, healthy glow. Enriched with fresh turmeric, coffee grounds, and nourishing oils, it brightens skin and fades dark spots. The perfect addition to your skincare routine.

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